A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Gosts 'n' Guns is an FPS game made in blender by Bomb_lobber_500. This game was made for the FPS mini jam #2. with the limitation that it would have to be in black and white and you could not be shooting people. The objective of this game is to blast away the gosts and reach your highest score possible.

Comment your high score to be added to the lead-boards! Please comment down below any suggestions as well! 

All the music and sound effects are from the YouTube audio library and soundjay.com.


W,A,S,D to move.

Hold shift to run.

Spacebar to jump.

Click to shoot.

The floating cylinders give you more ammo. 

Don't be fooled the pumpkins can't hurt you ;)



Fixed sound. 

Added a Your score on the game over screen.

Tweaked the intro.

Install instructions

Download the .blend file and double click to open it. It should run as a .app file even if you don't have blender. Let me know if you have trouble with the file.


Gosts 'n' Guns(1).blend 56 MB


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haha. Fun little game! I would suggest having a crosshair  for your aiming thing. (: gj